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Person rock climbing above Lily Lake near Estes Park

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Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing







Kent Mountain Adventure Center (KMAC) has been providing guided adventures of all kinds since 1987 right here in Estes Park. KMAC is accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). All KMAC guides are AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructors and many have advanced AMGA certifications. Each summer, KMAC brings over 1,500 climbers on their first outdoor climbing experience and strives to achieve mind-blowing mountain experiences for every guest. Adventures include all necessary equipment: harness, helmet, climbing shoes, ropes, and all hardware. All adventures meet and end at the Estes Park Mountain Shop.


Check out KMAC’s website for lots more guided adventures including camping on the side of a cliff and climbing the biggest peaks of RMNP! Don’t see your dream adventure? Give us a call at (970) 586-5990 or email at for more information.

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1 person: $269   2 people: $398   3 people: $507   4 people: $556   5 people: $595   6 people: $654

This is our basic intro to rock climbing. Perfect for anyone who has never climbed and just wants to try it or families with younger children. We will meet at the Mountain Shop, issue gear (harness, helmet, shoes), drive about 10 minutes to our intro to rock site then hike up an easy trail for a few minutes (alternative sites are available for groups with special needs/goals/groups). After a quick setup, you will get several hours to try climbing! We will aim to be back to the Mountain Shop 4 hours after the start time. Most groups will get to try two to four climbs each before time runs out. If this sounds like the perfect amount of climbing for you then this is the adventure for you!


1 person: $309   2 people: $478   3 people: $567   4 people: $636   5 people: $745   >5 people: Please call

Our most popular adventure! Similar in structure to the Taste-of-Climbing Adventure but at two hours longer we can go to much cooler locations as well as climb more. Most groups will hike to Jurassic Park, a stunning crag on top of a ridge with views of Rocky Mountain National Park in all directions. Jurassic has hundreds of super high quality climbs of all difficulties in close proximity, so there is something for everyone! This is the perfect day for anyone who has climbed some (or a lot) at a climbing gym and wants to climb outside. We will cover skills like belaying/lowering, objective hazards, site safety, and lots of climbing technique. We often also throw in some rappelling! If you are interested, you can work on sport climbing techniques and skills (sport climbing means that the routes and their anchors are protected with steel bolts)

climber on route with longs peak in the distance


1 person: $409   2 people: $598   3 people: $777   4 people: $876  5 people: $995   >5 people: Please call

Our most epic climbing adventure. While our other adventures are somewhat standardized programs, this day is yours to design. Most will go to Lumpy Ridge in RMNP. Lumpy is a legendary area in the history of American rock climbing. Its granite spires, domes, and walls dominate the skyline above Estes Park. Many of these climbs are multipitch routes (longer than one rope length)—up to 700 feet tall!—and most of these are actually quite easy in terms of technical difficulty, so even beginner climbers can enjoy them. Multipitch climbing is one of the coolest things in all of climbing and should be a goal of every climber. But we can also make this day into an instructional one, working on climbing skills, or even just a long day of sport climbing or bouldering (at another location). Book today and we will work with you one-on-one to pick the perfect objective.



1 person: $330   2 people: $498   3 people: $627   4 people: $696   >4 people: Please call

The KMAC Via Ferrata is a unique experience that falls somewhere between scrambling and technical rock climbing. While it can be physically demanding, the system of cables and ladders allow even non-experienced climbers to ascend the 600 foot tall cliff. All you need is to have good fitness and at least a passing ability to deal with heights. Guests, accompanied by KMAC guides, are secured to the pathway system of anchored steel cables as they ascend using natural rock features, ladders, and steel steps. While you ascend, you’ll enjoy stunning vistas of Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding valley typically only reserved for rock climbers! Via ferrata means “Iron Path,” originating from the metal ladders and cables used by the Italian military in WWI to ascend and traverse steep rock and mountain terrain. Via Ferratas are an extremely popular sport in the European Alps and now you can experience that thrill here in Estes Park! The Via Ferrata routes offer different levels of challenge and can cover up to 200-600 feet of vertical climbing in a half-day or full-day package. After lunch on the summit, we descend a lovely hiking and scrambling route down through the gorge back to the base of the rock.

The KMAC Via Ferrata can be enjoyed by individuals, couples, families, and groups young and old. It’s the perfect way to share in a unique climbing adventure. We can adjust the level of difficulty based on your fitness and adrenaline wishes! Please contact us if party members are below the age of 12 and we can program your outing to include them. Half-day or full-day tours are available. No previous rock climbing experience is necessary to ascend the Via Ferrata.

Looking up at people on the via ferrata in Estes Park
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