What a great way to explore Rocky Mountain National Park in the winter!

Snowshoeing is fun for the whole family due to the easy learning curve. 

Rent a set of snowshoes from the Estes Park Mountain Shop for only $5

a day and hit the snowy trails!

Where to go: Check out our staff picks for some great suggestions

or just stop by the shop and we can find just the snowshoe hike for



Cross Country Skiing

Want to give cross-country skiing a try? It's a great way to spend time in

the backcountry, enjoy the snow and scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park, and get a great workout. You don't need to be an expert ski racer to enjoy this fun winter sport! Rent a set-up for just $20 a day and get gliding!

Where to go: A good beginner trail is the 3.3 mile Sprague Lake - Glacier Basin Campground Loop or just cruise around the lake itself. This trail has very little elevation gain and is a great place to get started. Another good option is Trail Ridge Road. Since the road is closed to traffic in the winter, it provides a nice wide path without any obstacles. Check in at the Estes Park Mountain Shop for current conditions. Eldora Ski Resort also offers over 25 miles of XC ski trails.

Downhill Skiing

Tired of paying way too much for ski and snowboard rentals? Tired of waiting in line all morning to get your equipment while everyone tracks up the fresh powder? No Problem! Whether you're hitting Eldora Ski Resort or making your way to the resorts on I-70, stop in at the Estes Park Mountain Shop the night before your next adventure, and we will get you ready to hit the slopes first thing in the morning with the latest downhill gear

Backcountry Skiing
RMNP is a backcountry skier's paradise. Acres of untracked terrain full of fluffy powder to drop into! Some of our staff head out daily before work to get in as many ski days as they can. Come by and ask about the best places to ski and pick up the necessary equipment. But don't forget, avalanches are a very real danger. Know what you are getting into, and check current snow conditions prior to hitting the slopes.


Throughout the winter and early spring months (as snow permits), sledding is a popular form of entertainment in lower Hidden Valley, a former ski hill located off Trail Ridge Road just below and west of Many Parks Curve. This is one of the best locations for sledding in the Estes area, and the only place within Rocky Mountain National Park where sledding is allowed. A warming hut is open on the weekends; heated restrooms are open the rest of the season. Sledders must bring their own sleds or tubes, and the slope's gentle grade is perfect for young kiddos and families. Get your sleds at the Estes Park Mountain Shop!


You can't get too much winter in the winter

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