The Estes Park Mountain Shop Climbing gym is one of the finest

small gyms in the country. We have over 4,500 square feet of

climbing terrain including state-of-the-art training tools (Moon Board

and M6 Treadwall) and 125 linear feet of bouldering. Our routes are

changed often and are great for the beginner as well as the expert. 


We offer daily, monthly and longer passes for individuals as-well-as

families. We can handle small and large groups, birthday parties,

corporate team building or anything you can think of. Our gym is

open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM year around.

Want to try climbing?
For those who have never climbed or have climbed just a little we offer 3 climbs for $20. We will do the belaying or the safety end of the rope so you can concentrate and enjoy the climbing. This is a great activity for kids, however, there are no age limits in either direction. We have had kids as young as 2 and kids as old as 75 climb our walls. Though the gym is open every day 8 AM to 8 PM, 3 for $20 climbing is generally only available from 11 AM to 5 PM based on our staff availability.

This class provides instruction for basic understanding of equipment, tying of knots, the proper belay techniques, along with safety procedures for gym climbing. It also includes a day pass to the gym and all your rental equipment.


Class is only for ages 14 and up and can take anywhere between 20 mins to 1 hour.

Price: $35/person 

bouldering at th Estes Park Mountain Shop indoor climbing gym
approaching the top of climbing wall

approaching the top of climbing wall

reaching for the top of the indoor climbing wall at Estes Park Mountain Shop

Indoor Climbing Gym - EPMS

Indoor Climbing Gym - EPMS

View of the climbing terrain and routes at Estes Park Mountain Shop's EPIC gym

Indoor climbing for all ages

Indoor climbing for all ages

Indoor climbing for all ages and abilities


estes park indoor climbing gym

climbing gym rentals

climbing gym rates + memberships

Day Pass


Kids Day Pass


Bouldering Pass (Single Day)


Belay Lesson


1 Month Membership


2 Month Membership


3 Month Membership


6 Month Membership


1 Year Membership


5 Punch Membership


10 Punch Membership


Family 1 Month Membership


Family 2 Month Membership


Family 3 Month Membership


Family 6 Month Membership


Family 1 Year Membership


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Rock Shoes




Belay Device


Gear Package (Harness, Shoes + ATC)


Chalk Bag


1 Month Gear Rental


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Climbing gym routes and problems

Climbing gym routes and problems

Taking a look at the Estes Park Mountain Shop's climbing gym routes

Monkeying around on bouldering wall

Monkeying around on bouldering wall

Working through a bouldering problem

Working through a bouldering problem